The origin of Sumitomo
The Sumitomo business was started in Kyoto, the historical capital city of Japan, nearly 400 years ago by Masatomo Sumitomo (1585-1652) and Riemon Soga (1572-1636).
The emblem of Riemon Soga's original business, Izumiya (izumi "spring" and ya "shop"), and many Sumitomo companies today is an igeta, a frame placed around a well in pre-modern Japan. The igeta symbolizes sparkling water gushing constantly from a fountainhead, which forms a mighty river before flowing into a vast ocean.
Business principles of Sumitomo
In 1891, Sumitomo formulated its Business Principles, which are based upon the "Founder's Precepts" by Masatomo.
Article 1

explains the necessity of acting in good faith in order to maintain the other party's trust.

Article 2

urges that social trends should be studied in order to meet social changes with active responses.

Article 3

advises against being attracted to easy profits or hastily drawn to the promise of profits before fully investigating the commercial viability of ventures.

Corporate mission of Sumitomo Electric
Sumitomo Electric's corporate mission is to serve society by applying technological innovation to the development of tomorrow's products and services. This mission is represented graphically by the communication symbol, which features three diagonal lines extending from the tops of the Company's initials, S.E.I. (Sumitomo Electric Industries). These three lines denote the key words that sum up Sumitomo Electric's operations namely;